"Crocodile Locke"
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"Crocodile Locke" è un pezzo orchestrale della colonna sonora della prima stagione. Viene usato come uno dei temi di John Locke.

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The other survivors have been talking about the food shortage. Locke throws a knife into a chair and says they can hunt for boar. Jack meets Locke for the first time. Locke describes boars' mode of attack and how he plans to hunt them. Sawyer complains that they have just "an itty bitty hunting knife," so Locke opens his knife case, revealing his large collection.

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"Crocodile Locke" and its variations play during the following scenes.


"Locke of the Island" and "Locke-about" use the theme from "Crocodile Locke."

Title significanceModifica

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