Il Dr.Hackett è un dottore citato dall'utente Mel0Drama. Da un suo memorandum e una sua lettera lavora o lavorava nel progetto.

Particolari nella Lost ExperienceModifica

Dr. Hackett was first mentioned in una conversazione tra Mel0Drama and Rachel Blake:

Mel0Drama: He's in our heads, Rachel.

Rachel: Who is?

Mel0Drama: Hackett. Dr. Hackett.

': Okay... I've never heard of a Dr. Hackett.
Mel0Drama: I used to work for him. He's here, with the rest of them. In Atlanta. At the EDC. They sneak it in, we lap it up. I have proof!
Me: Mel, it's been fascinating. Truly.
Mel0Drama: WAIT!! You need safe passage for your videos. You said so yourself. Places you can hide them. Places THEY can't find them. I have a place. Nobody can get to it but ME. I have all the keys. Your videos will be safe for all to see. }}


Dr. J. Hackett was also the sender of a letter, addressed to a Dr. Kini, regarding a project titled "Project Sumo".

To: Dr. Kini,
Lewis King Laboratories, AG
From: Dr. Hackett
EDC 1554A
Date: March 10, 1988
Re: Doubleblind Data
The reformulation trials (Project Sumo) are progressing well. As always, we are slowed by patent lawyers who need too much information (you know the drill). Please send the results of the secondary doubleblind study as soon as they are compiled.
Your work is proving fruitful (pun intended!) in establishing the proof that the original experimentation was confounded by the ridiculous implementation parameters established by our friends in copenhagen.
Best -J
cc: Dr. Perez

The following memo was then posted on on August 8:

TO: Dr. Hackett
Apollo Candy
FROM: G. Downs
Engineering Development Center
Atlanta, GA
Date: July 21, 2004
RE: Test Study
Dr. Hackett,
Initial research shows release of the psychotropic compound to be a success. The acid and flavoring agents of the beverage disguise the taste. More tests are necessary to reach optimum viral spread. My superiors are eager for you to join our effort, once you have extricated
yourself from your current situation.

Dr. Hackett was also mentioned by Mel0drama in a sign-language message linked to by, claiming that Hackett and Thomas Mittelwerk were fighting over the use of Apollo candy to distribute chemicals - the message suggests that Hackett left Apollo and took his research to Sprite.[1]


  • Dr. Hackett is also the name of an antagonist in 1948's Superman movie serial. In the films, Hackett does research on Kryptonite and its effects on Superman.

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