JD era un assistente di volo dell'Oceanic Airlines sul volo Oceanic 815. Sembra che sia di origine americana.

Prima dell'IsolaModifica

JD helped several disabled and handicapped passengers onto the plane, including Locke. He came up with the idea of carrying Locke to his seat when the special wheelchair for loading the disabled passengers went missing. JD and Michelle carried Locke onto the plane, unknowingly humiliating him in the process. ("Esodo, seconda parte")

During the flight, JD was confronted by Cindy and was notified about a passenger's strange behavior. JD and Cindy followed the unruly passenger as he moved towards the front of the plane. As the passenger hid in a bathroom, the plane began experiencing turbulence prior to the mid-air break-up. ("Pilota, seconda parte")

JD made it back to the tail end just before the plane broke in half and crashed into the sea. ("Gli altri 48 giorni")


Morì sullo schianto, e il suo corpo venne portato sulla riva dell'Isola. ("Gli altri 48 giorni")


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